Saturday, May 8, 2010

Galo de Barcelos

Last month was my Mom's birthday. For the special occasion I made her this drawing so that she could hang in her kitchen. She's got a a rooster theme going on in the kitchen, and statues of this guy, the Galo de Barcelos. He comes from a Portuguese folk tale, way back in the day, at a banquet, some silver was stolen. A pauper was accused and tried for the crime, but professed his innocence. The judge gave him a chance to prove his case. He noticed a rooster in a nearby basket and said that if he was innocent the rooster would crow. The rooster crowed and the pauper was let free.

That's just one version of the story, I read another version where the judge was going to eat a cooked rooster, and the dead, cooked rooster crowed. Later.

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